Welcome to Babbel restaurant & bar!

Välkommen till Babbel, du hittar oss på Västerbrogatan15, Borås.
Our vision for the restaurant is to offer top notch food in a setting that is evocative and cozy. Our venue is divided into several small rooms that create a feeling of being in someone’s living room. We want you to feel at home with us!

Babbels Restaurant & Bar is Borås’s oldest tapas restaurant. In our facility, there have been food / confectionary culture for 120 years. Boråsare has had their natural meeting point since in 1882. The room decor is indicative of the years, including our beautiful glass doors that are an impressive 120 years old.

Babbels fördrink är populär, vi byter recept veckovis.

Story of the tapas

Some believe that the tapas came about when Spanish King Alfonzo X, the Wise, (1221-1284) became ill. He had to eat snacks and drink some wine between meals. When the king recovered, he ordered that consequently all hotels in Castile did not serve wine unless it was served in small “snacks” to.
Another theory is that the tapas arose because the peasants and workers need to get a bit of life to them would be able to work until the main meal. To these “tapas snack” was needed wine, the alcohol strengthened workers’ power and enthusiasm, and in winter, warmed the body up to cope with the cold days in the fields.

When Inns around Spain began serving tapas, covered mug or glass over with either a slice prosciutto, “jamón”, or a slice of cheese. The reason was to prevent insects and other “vermin” would fall into the wine and the guests would eat anything for alcoholic beverages, as Alfonzo the Wise had ordered. This was the origin story of “la tapa”, the word is deeply rooted in Spanish tradition – one bite covering wine glass ..

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